Welcome to another exciting
Mason Dixon Auto Auction (MDAA) event!

Please take a few minutes to read the valuable information contained in this policy guide. If you need any additional information please ask one of our staff and they will be happy to assist you. MDAA's purpose is to act as an agent for the completion of a transaction between buyer and seller. MDAA does not assume responsibility for omissions or the failure to make announcements on the auction block. We remind you that you are buying in a wholesale market and should not expect any retail guarantee. MDAA reserves the right to reject any vehicle or title of a vehicle offered for sale. MDAA’s decision shall be at its sole discretion, without need for disclosure of grounds for exception, and shall be final. Brochures are distributed for the convenience of our customers. MDAA is not responsible for errors or omissions. The distribution of this or any brochure does not relieve the responsibility for, and expressly disclaims the accuracy of any and all statement made by drivers or auction personnel as to mileage, equipment or mechanical conditions of a vehicle.


Due to insurance regulations and in the interest of safety, children under the age of 16 are not permitted on auction premises during the auction.


Any person found tampering with or removing equipment or keys from vehicles will be subject to suspension from the auction and criminal prosecution. Dealers will be held responsible for the actions of their employees and guests. MDAA will not be responsible for lost or stolen keys or radios, and/or accidents, damage or vandalism.


Sellers are responsible for representing vehicle condition and mileage accurately and fairly. Sellers are responsible for verifying the accuracy of the “announced conditions" as well as the accuracy of specified year and mileage. Sellers must announce if odometer is broken, replaced, altered or in excess of its mechanical limits.


MDAA is not responsible for nor does MDAA guarantee the accuracy of the odometer reading on any consigned vehicle. However, MDAA will require that the seller repurchase any vehicles sold with an unannounced odometer/speedometer problem.


Buyers are solely responsible for verifying vehicle year, make, model and serial numbers against the title before leaving premises. Upon removal of the vehicle from MDAA premises, buyer shall be deemed to have waived any objections to title information discrepancies


If an out-of-state vehicle is sold with an out-of-state title and is reassigned through our auction resulting in a title issued with a different brand code other than the out-of-state brand code, it is the liability of the seller to adjust or repurchase the unit. Vehicles sold with reconstructed or flood titles must be announced, and are sold “AS IS" with no right of arbitration for frame problems, structural and/or component changes.


All vehicles purchased must be paid for through the auction office, even if bought directly from the seller away from the auction block. All vehicles purchased directly from the seller away from the auction block are sold “AS IS” and are not subject to arbitration for any reason. Sellers engaging in direct sales away from the auction block will not receive a check until the vehicle has been paid for in full.


Vehicles registered late or brought to auction after it starts will be run at the end of the sale. To avoid this inconvenience, please register vehicles prior to the auction start time.


Vehicles that are not registered for the next sale and not removed from MDAA's property within 2 business days of last sale will be charged a storage fee of $20.00 per day. Any vehicle left over 30 days will be sold for storage fees or impounded and towed away.


Buyers and Sellers are responsible for watching and understanding the light system and listening to announcements. Vehicles selling for $1,500 or less are sold “AS IS" regardless of the lights. The lights in the lane have the following meaning (note: more than one light may apply to each vehicle):


Buyer has one (1) hour to inspect the vehicle for any major drivetrain defects, after leaving the correct deposit at the auction block. Buyers should not pay for vehicles until completing their inspection. Upon payment for the vehicle, arbitration rights are deemed waived. One defect must total $400.00 before car is subject to arbitration unless declared unsafe by arbitrator. Major defects must be settled through arbitrator, whose decision is final and binding upon both buyer and seller. Vehicles are not subject to arbitration for any visible defects. Upon removing the vehicle from MDAA premises, the buyer becomes liable for any and/or all mechanical problems or failures. Check arbitration rules for further regulations . Vehicles selling for $1,5OO.OO or less are automatically “AS IS" transactions, regardless of light system and no arbitration is available.


Listen - This light is used when the seller is making an announcement about their vehicle that they want the buyer to hear or when a change in the policy guide is in order. Be advised that there is a condition with this vehicle. If you do not hear the announced condition, immediately stop the auctioneer and ask that the announced condition be repeated. It is the seller's responsibility to ensure that this light is lit when making an announcement. It is the buyer's responsibility to know and understand the reason the yellow light is lit. Sellers must announce if odometer is broken, replaced or in excess of its mechanical limits. Vehicles with exempt mileage or mileage that is 'not actual mileage', commonly referred to as true mileage unknown or TMU, must also be announced. MDAA assumes no responsibility for mileage accuracy on a vehicle purchased with exempt mileage.


Assignable title does not accompany vehicle. May require up to 21 days including weekends and holidays for title to arrive at MDAA, after which the title can be picked up or mailed upon request. Public buyer may not buy title delay vehicles. Dealer Buyer is cautioned not to damage, expend any money on these vehicles, nor to excessively drive, or sell them until title is picked up by the Buyer from the auction . MDAA will not be responsible for transportation or other expenses on a returned vehicle. Seller will not receive a check from auction until title is received. A service fee of $40.00 will be deducted from seller's check for each vehicle sold without on assignable title. In matters of interpretation on title policy, the decision of auction management shall be final.


Sold "AS IS" with no representations or warranties of any kind. All express and implied warranties are expressly disclaimed - Vehicles must be paid for immediately. VEHICLES ARE NOT ARBITRABLE FOR ANY REASON. VEHICLES SOLD FOR $1,500.00 OR LESS ARE SOLD STRICTLY "AS IS." INTERPRETATION OF “AS IS” FRAME POLICY IS SOLELY AT THE DISCRETION OF MDAA. All recreational vehicles, motorcycles, boats, trailers, buses, gray market vehicles, former police vehicles, taxis, and any vehicles sold on titles branded flood or rebuilt/reconstructed are sold "AS IS".






Please read and understand our policy guide for live (floor) auctions prior to buying and selling online. We also require that you read and understand the policies set forth below as this is our simulcast policy addendum. Thank you for your cooperation and thank you for your business!


The structure of the light system online will remain very similar to that of our live auction and will be available on your screen when online bidding.

YELLOW:         Announcement- Any announced conditions will be shown on your bidding screen.

BLUE            Title delay/absent

GREEN:         There is NO green light provided on any vehicle sold online through our simulcast sale.

RED:                All vehicles sold online will be sold AS-IS, with no guarantee or warranty. There is no arbitration on any vehicle sold via simulcast auction. It is the buyer’s responsibility to         make arrangements to physically inspect the vehicle prior to auction.


Please familiarize yourself with the computer bidding software on both your phone and computer prior to bidding. Should your bid be recorded as the high (winning) bid on any vehicle offered for sale, you will own the vehicle and payment must be completed the night of the sale, and it must be submitted electronically.


Your prompt electronic payment is due the night of purchase. The following methods will be accepted as payment:






All existing fees assessed per each vehicle purchased at auction will apply to online bidding. An additional online buyer’s fee of $75 will be added to the buyer’s total purchase price for each vehicle bought online.



Arrangements shall need to be made by the buyer to promptly remove the vehicle from auction within 48 hours (close of business the Thursday after Tuesday sale). Any vehicle not removed from the property after this period shall be charged at a rate of $20 per day. Any vehicle removed from within the operations of the auction and parked in an exterior parking lot will be charged at the same rate of storage after the 48 hour window. No exceptions!