1. When selling a vehicle please bring a title in your name free and clear of all liens and one form of pictured identification. Please Note: If more than one name appears on the title, each person must be present with picture ID. If the seller is not the titled owner, a notarized power of attorney must be presented before the vehicle can be auctioned.
  2. Titles with the following defects WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED: Alterations, Erasures, Wrong Digits, Improper Reassignments, Jumping Signature, Missing Forms, Repossession and Salvage Certificates and Documents Not Notarized and/or Open Titles.
  3. Police, Taxi, Gray Market, Reconstructed and Flood vehicles may be sold at auction but must be announced as such. Sellers who fail to announce these cars will be required to repurchase these units or make an adjustment as deemed proper by MDAA.
  4. Vehicles that are unsafe to operate must be announced or will not run through auction.
  5. Vehicles may be registered for auction during regular business hours.
  6. Upon arrival at MDAA, park the vehicle to be sold at Vehicle Registration and remain with your vehicle until you are greeted and assigned a run number buy a registration clerk. Then proceed to the office with your title and driver’s license to complete the registration process.
  7. At this time, a clerk will ask for your title and driver’s license to complete the paperwork. Make a note of the odometer reading because you will be required to complete an odometer statement. Do not guess or approximate mileage – it must be accurate and you are responsible for the correct mileage.
  8. When selling a vehicle, you will pay an upfront registration fee. If your vehicle is sold, there will be an additional seller’s fee deducted from your check. (See fee schedule posted in the office).
  9. A light system is used at the auction block to indicate the condition of “HOW” you intend to sell your vehicle. Please refer to the LIGHT SYSTEM GUIDE in this brochure to determine the “conditions” to be announced when selling your vehicle.
  10. Inform the registration clerk of your required minimum sale price. Your vehicle is now registered!
  11. If you are present for the auction of your vehicle, you are encouraged to stand by the auctioneer on the block to approve your vehicle sale. When the bidding on your vehicle has concluded, the auctioneer will inform you the amount of the highest bid received for your vehicle. If the bid is below your stated minimum bid, it is YOUR DECISION whether to accept or reject the bid.
  12. All vehicles registered with MDAA are subject to inspection by State and Local Police, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and/or National Auto Theft Bureau. MDAA will not auction vehicles with missing Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) plates.
  13. Under no circumstances does Mason Dixon Auto Auction guarantee your vehicle will be sold. Should MDAA for any reason fail to complete that transaction then the sale shall be considered a “NO SALE.”

    The sale becomes binding when the buyer pays the required deposit and signs the Block Ticket. MDAA is not responsible for personal item left in the vehicle(s). Personal items left in vehicles become the property of the purchaser. Following payment of the required deposit by the buyer, you may pick up your guaranteed auction check from the auction office. However, please be patient as buyers of “green light” vehicles have one hour to inspect vehicles and/or submit them to arbitration. All checks are made payable to the person whose name appears on the title. IF YOUR VEHICLE IS NOT SOLD pick up a gate pass and your title from the office. Your gate pass is your release. If you choose to remove your vehicle from the sale for whatever reason prior to going on the auction block you will forfeit the registration fee.