Green Light Vehicles Only

If you purchased a vehicle with a green light condition over $1500, you are entitled to one hour to inspect your vehicle before paying the remaining balance due. If you suspect a serious mechanical problem, go to the Arbitration office PRIOR to paying for your vehicle in full. Green Light vehicles can not be arbitrated once they have been paid in full.

Buyer has one (1) hour to check for any major drivetrain defects when bought under the Green Light over $1500.00. No Exceptions. One defect must total $400.00 before car is subject to arbitration unless declared unsafe by the arbitrator. Any major defects found must be settled by arbitrator who has absolute final word.

The buyer assumes all responsibilities for mechanical failure after leaving premises. Any accepted adjustment automatically becomes an "AS IS" transaction. Vehicles can be arbitrated only one time.




Green Light Vehicles ONLY

  • Manual Gear Box
  • Engine knocks or cracked block
  • Automatic transmission slippage
  • Differential grind or growl, excluding tires
  • Misrepresentation of mileage
  • Serial numbers that do not match or reassigned VIN #s
  • Frame damage, see policy below
  • Blown Head gasket
  • Burnt or Bent Valves
  • Unsafe vehicle
  • Engine miss




  • Vehicles selling for $1,500 or less
  • Visible defect such as body damage, broken or cracked glass, torn upholstery, etc.
  • Air conditioner, radio, heater, electrical equipment including computerized equipment and indicator lights
  • Exhaust system and valve noise
  • Inoperative vehicles
  • Clutch
  • Smoking or Blow by
  • Missing Air Bags
  • Keys - including trunk keys and door
  • Any drive train changes or alterations
  • Backlash in drive train including driveline
  • Dodge Durangos, Dodge Dakotas or Jeep vehicles with differiential noise
  • Wheel alignment and front suspension, including power steering unless declared unsafe
  • Engine mounts and transmission mounts
  • Oil, gas or water leaks



All vehicles sold with rusted or damaged frame/unibody, repaired or not, must be announced. Buyer has until the end of the second business day following the sale to check for these problems. AFTER TWO BUSINESS DAYS ABSOLUTELY NO ARBITRATION. Altered frames, marks or scratches from jack/lift, tie down and radiator core support damage is considered visible and is not subject to arbitration.

*For further Interpretation of frame policy guide, MDAA follows NAAA guidelines for structural damage policy.